My Top Ten of Cinema – 2015

۱-Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock)

I will survive&#۸۲۳۰; Look at me. I&#۸۲۱۷; m looking at you.

۲- Blind chance (Kieslowski)

Rabbit run! An inspiring movie that changed my whole life. It can change yours. Give it a try.

۳- The conformist (Bernardo Bertolucci)

A fascistic fairy tale&#۸۲۳۰; A stereotypical life review. A really wide mirror reflecting parts of your faults. Eye catching photography&#۸۲۳۰; great performances&#۸۲۳۰; touching score. An undoubtedly Masterpiece.

۴- Streetcar Named Desire (Elia Kazan)

An untouchable drama on the climax of artistic cinema. Even this single frame is enough to say everything about Kazan/williams&#۸۲۱۷; masterpiece

۵- Marathon Man (John Schlesinger)

Accidental sorrow. A great political thriller at first sight and much more at further analysis. The story of mere loneliness of human being. Outstanding performances&#۸۲۳۰;.

۶- Star maker (tornatore)

The most influential movie about &#۸۲۲۰;cinema&#۸۲۲۱; in my view. Deeply depressing but provoking. Stays away from sentimentality of Cinema Paradiso and penetrates spiritually, intellectually, emotionally&#۸۲۳۰; Oh boy! It deeply penetrates.

۷- Memento (Chris Nolan)

I live to remember. I write to remember. You&#۸۲۱۷;re right: I write to live.

۸- Funny Games ( Michael Haneke) ۱۹۹۷

Unbearable disclosure of human desire. Suffering as hell. My life after this movie is totally under post traumatic condition. Unique chilling experience. Real nightmare. Of those favorite films I can&#۸۲۱۷;t watch again. It’s with me at each step. Right now. Here and after. A must see film.

۹- Rosemary’s Baby (Roman Polanski)

You have been selected. You will have to accept. No way out at this dead end. Polanski&#۸۲۱۷;s masterpiece takes me to a critical point. And that lullaby&#۸۲۳۰; Forget it.

۱۰- Beekeeper (Theo Angelopoulos)

Melancholic death drive. Sweet sad waltz on empty heart of existence. The father&#۸۲۱۷;s name is much more definitive than you could imagine. Father is fate.

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